Zita’s Free 7 Day Kickstart


– Low energy

– Clothes tight and uncomfortable

– Feeling bloated, lethargic and generally not as good as you’d like to feel?

If you are fed up of feeling like this then I have the perfect solution – my 7 day kickstart plan.

It is super EASY to follow with meal plans and simple recipes of tasty, healthy, gluten-free food that nourishes, cleanses and gives your body exactly what it needs for health and fat loss.

My 7 Day Kickstart Plan is available to you totally FREE OF CHARGE as I want to help you to feel fantastic! You will get….

7 Breakfast Smoothies (perfect for busy mornings)

7 Protein Packed Lunches (can be eaten hot or cold, again perfect if you are on the go)

7 Hot Healthy Dinners (that can be prepared in under 30 minutes)

What’s not to like – apart from getting back in your jeans, clearing up your skin and getting your va va voom back. The great news is that you can do this on your own at anytime, anywhere in the world AND as a BONUS you also get access to our private Facebook group to give you extra support and ideas during and after the detox.

To get your FREE copy of my 7 day kickstart plan just complete your details in the box below and then check your email for the PDF download (check your junk email too)

ANDREW FROM NEW YORK  did the January detox….” So many great things about the 7-day detox! It’s a very do-able amount of time to commit to…anyone can do a week of something! The recipe suggestions from Zita are delicious AND easy to make. Best of all, I truly did feel better in many way…less bloated and “icky”, lost a couple pounds and my jeans fit better…who could ask for more!!

LISA – working mother of 2 lost 6lbs “The 7 day detox worked really well for me – It gave me the kick start that I needed and plenty of inspiration to continue with the good eating habits after the 7 days.  I have continued to have the smoothies for breakfast as they are perfect to take to work and the healthy habits really did make an impression on me and have stayed front of mind ever since.  During the 7 days I felt stronger, slept better and had so much more energy.  I also lost 6lb which was fantastic. I Highly recommend! – Give it a go.”

If you don’t like exercise the good news is that there is NO EXERCISE REQUIRED on this plan (although, ofcourse it is always good to do some if you can)