Total Body Shape Up Plan

Total Body Shape Up Plan wins “Best Product of the Year” award at Maximise 2016


I am so excited to be able to offer more people a way to feel healthier and happier via my 8 week shape up programme that anyone, anywhere in the world can do.

Total Body Shape up Plan

Zita’s Total Body Shape up Plan

Results from a few people already ….

“Had to go in a notch on my belt!”

“I am sleeping better despite menopausal night sweats”

” 8 lbs down! super happy 🙂 “

“Feeling much less bloated”

“Biggest achievement so far on the plan… Losing 1/2 stone! Woo”

” My customers are saying I look great and what have I been doing. I just feel that I have so much more energy and feel great. Going to make this a way of life ?”

“Wearing trousers today that were very snug before Xmas – I could use the word baggy today!”

“It has reduced sweet cravings associated with sugar lows”

So how can you get the same results?

I am going to tell you STEP BY STEP exactly what to do, what to eat, every day, every week and why, helping you achieve fantastic results with no stress, confusion or frustration.
It’s nothing crazy, not a fad diet and doesn’t include any days of fasting – if anything, you will LOVE you’re new way of eating, ease of life, tasty meals and will be eating more food while achieving even more results.
After a history of yo-yo dieting it now comes easily for me to live by a healthy nutrition plan to achieve a specific fat loss result, but I understand that for some of you it might not come quite as naturally.

My 7 day kickstart and Shape Up Plan were Editor’s Choice in the Maximise Business Magazine

There are so many nutrition contradictions out there today about what and not to eat, not making life any easier for you. So I came up with the answer to all of your problems and created this 8 week plan that includes:

  • Exactly what food to buy > what to cook > how to cook it > when to eat it >
  • Weekly shopping lists
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Quick recipes to match and simple batch cooking instructions
  • How to fuel correctly for your workouts
  • Sweet saviours
  • How to eat on the GO and stick to the plan
  • Daily Rituals and healthy habits
  • I teach you exactly HOW you can shift that stubborn tummy fat and still enjoy a treat meal EVERY week
  • AND how you can continue this plan into your everyday life beyond the 8 weeks
  • How to monitor your results

Sounds good right? Because ALL of the meals in this program are clean, following it for 8 weeks you will actually see a reduction in belly fat, bloated-ness, fatigue and drop 1-2 clothes sizes … what’s not to love!

Although it’s not written for vegetarians the plan has still worked for the vegetarian ladies who have done it. What is also great is that so many partners and husbands have by default joined in some of the meals and are loving them! No more cooking separate meals.

Here’s ALL you have to do:
Buy the food on your shopping list, follow cooking instructions, follow meal plan of when to eat it and then move onto the next week……simples 🙂
I couldn’t make it any easier for you, right? And ALL of the foods are super tasty, you will never get bored as you are eating something different EVERY week!

As a bonus you also get free access to our private Facebook group which is where the real value lies – trust me. The accountability and support of other people going through the same programme as you is PRICELESS.

So if you are ready to hit 2017 with a supercharged focus and feel amazing by the start of the spring then jump on our special offer price now of just £1.37 a day – I know ….it’s an amazing offer so don’t hang around as the price will be going up.

You can start anytime however I’d love to get a group of people to all start on 20 February as there is extra power in a group starting together. This means you need to register now so you can receive your printed manual in time.

Click the link below to pay and we will get you started on an exciting journey to a new you – no more excuses… it’s time to shape up!

If you are still not convinced here are a few more people’s results …”My energy levels are SO much better””I’m going out on my bike for longer and can manage it due to better eating”

“I’ve lost inches and feel good – even though I’ve not followed the plan exactly as I am a vegetarian – happily recommend it”

You can read the full review of my 7 day kickstart and 8 week shape up plan in the Editor’s Choice section of Maximise at