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Tom Hanks has it

Here’s 2 things you may not know…

1. Thursday was World Diabetes Day

2. American actor Tom Hanks was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

{as a side note his latest movie “Captain Phillips” is great and I highly recommend you watch it}

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It’s a sad fact of modern life that we are seeing more lifestyle diseases than ever before
and even in children and young people. Type 2 or “adult onset” diabetes is often the result of a
sedentary life and poor control of blood sugar through a processed and refined diet.

Diabetes is serious in that it can cause nerve problems, eyesight problems, circulation issues,
heart disease, stroke, foot problems.

The good news is that Type 2 can be managed through exercise and a clean, unprocessed diet
that does not contain refined sugars – pretty much the diet we recommend at bootcamp. We are
what we eat so make sure that you and your family are doing everything they can to prevent
longer term health problems.

For me Zest bootcamp is more than just exercise and weight loss –
it’s about short and long term health which surely is everyone’s goal?

So when we say it’s ok to eat nuts, avocado and other fats but not sugar it’s because it will
improve your health. Avoiding fat by having ‘diet’ foods and drinks means you are likely to
be having more (and often hidden) sugar and sweeteners than you need.

Did you know that since the world was told to…

Eat a low fat diet obesity has rocketed along with disease – go figure!

Food manufacturers are not in the business of improving your health and wellbeing,

no matter what they say -I promise.

Anyway on that cheery note have a great weekend and

remember if you are going to indulge a bit at least go for a walk first!


ps If you are in Bath don’t forget our 9am Saturday morning classes are open to everyone who

wants a once a week fitness boost to start off a healthy weekend