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Life saving help

What an interesting week it’s been – 1st Aid training refresher, a run in with a badger and chairing a networking meeting.

Life can often deal you things you least expect at the times you really don’t want them but what I’ve realised this week amongst other things is that having a life skill such as basic first aid could save someone’s life and that is priceless. I still wonder why we don’t learn it at school?

Also when a badger ran out infront of my car at high speed early one morning this week my life could have changed beyond measure in just a split second. Luckily it was only my van that was damaged, albeit quite badly and undriveable, and I didn’t hit another car or end up in a ditch (like the lady I rescued from a ditch the week before!).

poorly van

Sure my whole day was ruined, I have £250 excess to pay to repair the van (shame I can’t claim off the badgers insurance) and subsequent hassle it has caused but you have to look at the positive of every situation… in this case I am fine.

When asked to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone do you embrace it or shy away as you don’t want to risk making a mistake or looking a fool?

I was asked to cover for the chair of a networking group I go to this week. At first I thought “too scary, what if I mess up blah blah” then I shut those voices in my head up and said to myself “what a great opportunity to do something not done before, I might not get the chance again, go for it”.

Ofcourse I was nervous and wanted to do a good job but actually it turned out fine and I feel a sense of achievement (plus I got a round of applause so that was reassuring). Next time you hear those negative “voices” in your head tell them to “SHUT UP” and replace them with positive self talk – try it!

So all I wanted to share with you is to enjoy each day and live life to the full, be happy and nice to others as you don’t know what is around the corner. Push yourself out of the safe, comfortable things you are ok with as it is a great way to grow as a person. If you were a plant that wasn’t growing you would be dying right?

I’d love to know what things you have done (or are thinking about doing) to take you outside your comfort zone. Please comment below as it’s great to share our successes.

Have a great weekend – I’m off to the Kite Festival in Bristol!

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pps I love this photo so thought I’d share 😮
sleepy panda 2