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Fitness is finished

For most people today is not about fitness but tomorrow will be all about “New year, New You” etc.

Don’t be caught up in any of the faddy, fast fixes that the mainstream media will bombard you with.

Instead find what will work for you longer term as fitness and health should be a lifelong passion not just for after Christmas. Our 7 day detox is a great kickstart to get you back into those healthy habits. Loads of people have downloaded it and use the plan when they need a little “clean up”  – Click HERE 7 day detox 

I’m really looking forward to getting back into a more normal fitness routine after tonight and also back on the nutrition plan (especially no more alcohol).

January bootcamp starts back in Bath on Monday and I think everyone will be ready to start working up a sweat.

If you’ve never been then grab a place at Trial week – Click >>http://bathbootcamp.co.uk<<

have a great evening everyone

Zita x


ps if you do have too many bubbles you know what to do – get that greens drink down you to help detoxify that liver! I will be 🙂

My before and after photos

Enough was enough

It was the final straw – I had to do something….

Everyone kept telling me I had to sort it out and I kept saying yes, I will soon – blah blah blah.

Then I realised I had to stop procrastinating and actually do it……

What was it?

Sorting out my office!!!

I’m a bit of a hoarder, ok a BIG bit, and like to be prepared (just in case)… Well I was a girl guide and “be prepared” was the motto. ….I’d love to share a photo but I’m too embarrased of what a state I’d let it get into:(

But having collected almost 15 years of paperwork – yes that’s when I changed careers from super stressed out office executive to become a personal trainer – it was all getting a bit too much

I decided to block out some time in my diary and JUST DO IT!

Easy – no it wasn’t but I kept thinking of how good I’d feel after I finished.

On the plus side I found loads of long lost things including a double page spread I had in Health & Fitness Magazine 10 years ago – times flies!

health&fitnessmagazine 2003

So if like me you keep procrastinating about doing something whatever it is – try and take the first step. For me I blocked out a day in my diary.

If you want to improve your energy levels, fitness, drop some pounds so your jeans feel better but keep putting it off then make a decision to just do something towards starting.

For those of you in Bath we are making it even easier for you by running a trial week at bootcamp so you don’t have to commit to the whole month. This way you can try out 3 sessions which will include bodyweight exercises and some fitness boxing and see if you like the group and want to stay for the remaining 3 weeks of the month’s bootcamp.

You can find out more by emailing me with “ TRIAL WEEK” in the subject header and I’ll send you more info.

Maybe you feel too embarrased to exercise in public? A bit like me too embarrassed to show pictures of my office for fear of judgement.

I have some news, you’ve got to get over it. Human beings ALL fear being judged, strange really, bet lions and tigers don’t give a damn what a Zebra thinks of them!

Many of our bootcampers were apprehensive about joining up for fear of not being fit enough, making a fool of themselves or just being out in public doing something unfamiliar. That’s one reason we have the testimonials on the website to help allay some of your apprehensions – see what  Zest bootcampers say here 

For any of you further afield who want to stop making excuses the 21 day shape up plan is coming back so watch this space.

So instead of trying to work in a messy office where I couldn’t find anything and just felt frustrated every time I walked in I decided to MAKE A CHANGE and now I LOVE being in there!

Same opportunity exists for you to make a date in your diary to start a healthier lifestyle – email me with the words “TRIAL WEEK” in the subject header to fitnesszita@gmail.com and I’ll be in touch.

Have a great weekend
Zita x

ps I just remembered it’s national Curry week so best reason I know to check out my new “clean and lean “ curry cookbook (especially in this colder weather if you want to hot things up!) Packed full of tasty meals and snacks that are all “fat loss friendly” – Order your copy here http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/cookbooks/

pps Remember too we have our “Saturday Supercamp” class which involves boxing and equipment and is available as a drop in class for anyone not able to do the weekday classes. 9-10am in AlexandraPark for just £7

Wake up call

What another eventful week it’s been!

The window of courtesy van I had whilst mine was being fixed (due to the badger incident) got stuck open. That was at 6am on way to teach bootcamp so called the AA out who fixed it several hours later – was VERY pleased I had just renewed my membership!

The same day I left my bankcard in a shop and then when got home walked straight into a sharp door latch that we have been meaning to sort out for ages – needless to say it has now been sorted 🙂

Sometimes it takes the final straw to make us do something, eg for me an injury and pain made my husband realise the latch needed sorting properly (the blue tack we had stuck on the end really wasn’t doing the job!).

Maybe you have just had a look at your holiday snaps and thought – “ Boy I am REALLY out of shape and I HAVE to do something NOW.”

Or maybe you are really not bothered and that’s fine.

Whilst it’s always good to have these wake up calls to spur us into action, you can make small changes before things get desperate…

– Drink more water
– cut out weekday drinking
– cut out biscuits every day
– go for a walk at lunchtime
– start having a greens drink every day etc

So if you are feeling bloated, lethargic and out of shape – stop moaning and start doing.

Here is a video I filmed last year of 5 of my top tips that cost nothing to do

If you want a little kickstart to get your post summer nutrition back on track then try our simple 7 day detox that involves no exercise but really works!
Just £7 for a week of tasty, filling meals http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/7-day-detox/

Have a great weekend – I’m off for a long coutryside walk (and hopefully avoiding the rain as had my hair done yesterday).

Zita “AA loving” Alves

ps The good news is that my van is fixed and back with me so I am very pleased. You don’t realise how much you value something until it’s gone so take charge of your health before it’s too late.

pps Our October bootcamp start on Mon 30th September so you have plenty of time to sign up and start getting your health and fitness back on track. http://zestbootcamp.co.uk

Can you really lose weight quickly?

Did you know that you can lose weight really easily by cutting off your leg or maybe an arm? – yes bit extreme right!

Anyway I just wanted to share this quick video tip with you for a less extreme approach

Have a great bank holiday weekend

ps Not sure if you saw The Men that made us Thin last night – it was very interesting to see how some of the truths that many of us in the fitness industry have known about for years, finally being uncovered. You can watch it on Iplayer here

pps Our next bootcamp starts on Monday 2nd September so if you want to improve your health and fitness, and the way your body looks then we woud love to see you. Last month 2 of our campers lost a stone and dropped a dress size in just 4 weeks. Find out more here