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Women supporting each other

I was recently asked if I’d like to host a women’s business networking club in Bath that I had been a member of for a while and although I’m pretty busy already I thought why not!

I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone but I also knew that it would meant I had to learn new things and develop new skills that would help me grow so why not seize the opportunity – as offers like that don’t come around every day and my belief is that I’d rather have a go at something and if it doesn’t workout that’s fine, at least I tried, rather than in the future regretting that I didn’t give it a go.

That’s the reason that I had my own fitness product the Ztrainer, that was sold on Amazon, amongst several other things I’ve tried over the years. Looking back maybe wish I hadn’t wasted time on some things but hindsight is a wonderful thing right!

Sometimes I think that the fear of the unknown and all the stories we make  up in our head stop us doing so many of the things we could and should in order to feel better. Before my first time hosting Women’s Business Club I was nervous, worried if I could do it and loads of other stories in my head – reality was it went really well and I had need not worry.

That’s why at Zest Bootcamp we have the option of doing a trial week before committing to the full month but even that is too much for some people who lack the confidence to just commit and do it. Only today at bootcamp we had a member return after 5 years away (she had been living abroad) but in that time she had had her 50th birthday so was worried that if she returned she would be surrounded by loads of super fit youngsters strutting around in lycra. Far from it, infact one of the ladies in the group is 60 and can put some of the “youngsters” to shame!

The text I had after class says it all….


I’ve worked hard to ensure that Zest Bootcamp offers a supportive place for all types of women (and some men) to improve their, health, fitness and wellbeing no matter what their age or ability and this is exactly what is offered at Women’s Business Club groups so if you are a business woman in or around Bath who would like to meet some other like-minded women is a non-competitive, judgemental environment to help develop your skills, contacts and also have some fun and time out plus some delicious food then why not come along as a visitor to our next meeting on Wed 5th October at the lovely Bailbrook House. The lunchtime meetings are held every month so if you can’t make this one then come in November. Click here to book a place at the business lunch or click here to come for a trial week at Zest Bootcamp.

Women's Business Club Bath September

Women’s Business Club Bath September

ps If you are still not convinced about coming for a trial week at Zest Bootcamp why not look at our Facebook page where there is a joint testimonial video from several of our members.

Tom Hanks has it

Here’s 2 things you may not know…

1. Thursday was World Diabetes Day

2. American actor Tom Hanks was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

{as a side note his latest movie “Captain Phillips” is great and I highly recommend you watch it}

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 10.10.37

It’s a sad fact of modern life that we are seeing more lifestyle diseases than ever before
and even in children and young people. Type 2 or “adult onset” diabetes is often the result of a
sedentary life and poor control of blood sugar through a processed and refined diet.

Diabetes is serious in that it can cause nerve problems, eyesight problems, circulation issues,
heart disease, stroke, foot problems.

The good news is that Type 2 can be managed through exercise and a clean, unprocessed diet
that does not contain refined sugars – pretty much the diet we recommend at bootcamp. We are
what we eat so make sure that you and your family are doing everything they can to prevent
longer term health problems.

For me Zest bootcamp is more than just exercise and weight loss –
it’s about short and long term health which surely is everyone’s goal?

So when we say it’s ok to eat nuts, avocado and other fats but not sugar it’s because it will
improve your health. Avoiding fat by having ‘diet’ foods and drinks means you are likely to
be having more (and often hidden) sugar and sweeteners than you need.

Did you know that since the world was told to…

Eat a low fat diet obesity has rocketed along with disease – go figure!

Food manufacturers are not in the business of improving your health and wellbeing,

no matter what they say -I promise.

Anyway on that cheery note have a great weekend and

remember if you are going to indulge a bit at least go for a walk first!


ps If you are in Bath don’t forget our 9am Saturday morning classes are open to everyone who

wants a once a week fitness boost to start off a healthy weekend

Wake up call

What another eventful week it’s been!

The window of courtesy van I had whilst mine was being fixed (due to the badger incident) got stuck open. That was at 6am on way to teach bootcamp so called the AA out who fixed it several hours later – was VERY pleased I had just renewed my membership!

The same day I left my bankcard in a shop and then when got home walked straight into a sharp door latch that we have been meaning to sort out for ages – needless to say it has now been sorted 🙂

Sometimes it takes the final straw to make us do something, eg for me an injury and pain made my husband realise the latch needed sorting properly (the blue tack we had stuck on the end really wasn’t doing the job!).

Maybe you have just had a look at your holiday snaps and thought – “ Boy I am REALLY out of shape and I HAVE to do something NOW.”

Or maybe you are really not bothered and that’s fine.

Whilst it’s always good to have these wake up calls to spur us into action, you can make small changes before things get desperate…

– Drink more water
– cut out weekday drinking
– cut out biscuits every day
– go for a walk at lunchtime
– start having a greens drink every day etc

So if you are feeling bloated, lethargic and out of shape – stop moaning and start doing.

Here is a video I filmed last year of 5 of my top tips that cost nothing to do

If you want a little kickstart to get your post summer nutrition back on track then try our simple 7 day detox that involves no exercise but really works!
Just £7 for a week of tasty, filling meals http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/7-day-detox/

Have a great weekend – I’m off for a long coutryside walk (and hopefully avoiding the rain as had my hair done yesterday).

Zita “AA loving” Alves

ps The good news is that my van is fixed and back with me so I am very pleased. You don’t realise how much you value something until it’s gone so take charge of your health before it’s too late.

pps Our October bootcamp start on Mon 30th September so you have plenty of time to sign up and start getting your health and fitness back on track. http://zestbootcamp.co.uk

Life saving help

What an interesting week it’s been – 1st Aid training refresher, a run in with a badger and chairing a networking meeting.

Life can often deal you things you least expect at the times you really don’t want them but what I’ve realised this week amongst other things is that having a life skill such as basic first aid could save someone’s life and that is priceless. I still wonder why we don’t learn it at school?

Also when a badger ran out infront of my car at high speed early one morning this week my life could have changed beyond measure in just a split second. Luckily it was only my van that was damaged, albeit quite badly and undriveable, and I didn’t hit another car or end up in a ditch (like the lady I rescued from a ditch the week before!).

poorly van

Sure my whole day was ruined, I have £250 excess to pay to repair the van (shame I can’t claim off the badgers insurance) and subsequent hassle it has caused but you have to look at the positive of every situation… in this case I am fine.

When asked to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone do you embrace it or shy away as you don’t want to risk making a mistake or looking a fool?

I was asked to cover for the chair of a networking group I go to this week. At first I thought “too scary, what if I mess up blah blah” then I shut those voices in my head up and said to myself “what a great opportunity to do something not done before, I might not get the chance again, go for it”.

Ofcourse I was nervous and wanted to do a good job but actually it turned out fine and I feel a sense of achievement (plus I got a round of applause so that was reassuring). Next time you hear those negative “voices” in your head tell them to “SHUT UP” and replace them with positive self talk – try it!

So all I wanted to share with you is to enjoy each day and live life to the full, be happy and nice to others as you don’t know what is around the corner. Push yourself out of the safe, comfortable things you are ok with as it is a great way to grow as a person. If you were a plant that wasn’t growing you would be dying right?

I’d love to know what things you have done (or are thinking about doing) to take you outside your comfort zone. Please comment below as it’s great to share our successes.

Have a great weekend – I’m off to the Kite Festival in Bristol!

ps Today is the last day to sign up for our September “Back to Skool” bootcamp that starts Monday. Fresh air fitness that gets results http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/timetable/

pps I love this photo so thought I’d share 😮
sleepy panda 2

How Pilates can help you lose weight

So there I am in the park trying to do some gentle (yet highly effective) Pilates exercises for my core and stabilising muscles when the grass cutting tractor suddenly arrives and literally covers me in tiny cuttings!
Once I had “dusted myself off, picked myself up” … I headed back to my van and recorded a quick tip that will help any of you struggling with your weight loss, health and fitness goals.

For anyone in Bath our next 4 week bootcamp starts on Monday 22nd July if you also need someone to “make you do your exercises” as many of our campers admit they need hence they come month after month – plus ofcourse it’s great fun and you get a lovely dose of fresh air too 🙂