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Immunity boosting tips

I’m not sure about you but now the weather in the UK has changed (i.e..no more flips, the boots are out)…. I can guarantee I will be wearing socks in bed – yes, glamorous eh! I can’t sleep if my feet are cold – surely I’m not the only one?

It seems that several people have started to get colds so I thought I’d share my immunity boosting tips to help you get through the winter as best you can:

1. Get more sleep – I think we all know that lack of sleep reduces your immunity.

2. Eat less sugar – you may not realise that sugar can actually suppress your immune system.

3. Get your body moving – a moderate amount of regular exercise will improve immunity, overtraining actually won’t so you need your rest and recovery days.

4. Get outdoors – even when it is dark and cold you will be better to get some fresh air rather than being surrounded by people coughing and sneezing.

5. Eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables every day and as extra “health Insurance” I recommend a daily greens drink to boost your ability to fight the bugs (as well as other benefits)

6. Reduce stress – yes this can also depress your immune system

7. Vitamin D supplements can also boost our ability to fight flu and colds, and in the winter we severely lack this in the Northern Hemisphere.

So there you go, although I can’t promise you won’t catch a cold, you will be a lot less likely to get ill this winter if you can do all these.

Zita “love my bed socks” Alves

green zinger

ps If you’d like some ideas for recipes that contain loads of great nutrition and are easy to make including smoothies, soups, salads and loads more then grab your copy of my 90 recipe cookbook HERE

Follow the rainbow

Happy New Yeer – better late than never!

I decided not to talk about New Year resolutions as for many people it’s all about taking things out of their lives, such as smoking, sweets, chocolate etc.

Why not think about what we can ADD into our lives in 2014 – (more patience and kindness wouldn’t go amiss from what I see on the streets and roads most days)

Try increasing the amount of:

1. Sleep

2. Water

3. Raw fruits and vegetables

4. Fresh air

5. Movement

Add a little of these everyday and see how much better you feel, maybe on week 1 you focus on getting to bed earlier, once you’ve nailed that add in the water etc. The key is to stick to it for the whole 3-4 weeks for it to become a healthy habit – don’t dip in and out otherwise it won’t be as effective long term.

colours of foods

Nature is pretty clever, crazy how we ignore it and end up eating packaged “dead” , beige food most of the time!

Yesterday I shared this quote on Facebook which seemed to baffle a few people:

“mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant” eat properly, hydrate, move, sleep, go outdoors, relax

What is means is that we need to to care of the “pool” our bodies and then the “mosquitos” the bugs, viruses etc will not take hold as we will not be an attractive “host”, instead our immunity will be strong and the invaders will not be able to take hold.

Eating the colourful foods above is a great start.

This week I’ve had some great feedback from women I’ve met which I wanted to share with you.

One busy working mum of 2 was moving house before Christmas (can you imagine the stress of that!) and she started taking Lean Greens to keep up her energy and immunity and it worked much more than she expected.  T

The other lady did my 7 day detox after the New year, lost 8lbs and said she found it easy.

Both of these show how important it is to put the right fuel into our engines, just like our beloved cars.

So if you feel like you need a focus to get back on track with the healthy eating and exercise but don’t know where to start then the online 21 day shape up plan would be perfect for you. In the past people have lost significant amount of weight, inches and felt amazing after doing the programme that you can do anywhere in the world as you don’t need to come to our classes. All the workouts, nutrition, mindset information is laid out plus you get a support group that are going through the programme together. We start on Jan 20th so check out this page to find out more –Click here

Have a great weekend


ps If not today, when? >>>21 day shape up please<<<

Wake up call

What another eventful week it’s been!

The window of courtesy van I had whilst mine was being fixed (due to the badger incident) got stuck open. That was at 6am on way to teach bootcamp so called the AA out who fixed it several hours later – was VERY pleased I had just renewed my membership!

The same day I left my bankcard in a shop and then when got home walked straight into a sharp door latch that we have been meaning to sort out for ages – needless to say it has now been sorted 🙂

Sometimes it takes the final straw to make us do something, eg for me an injury and pain made my husband realise the latch needed sorting properly (the blue tack we had stuck on the end really wasn’t doing the job!).

Maybe you have just had a look at your holiday snaps and thought – “ Boy I am REALLY out of shape and I HAVE to do something NOW.”

Or maybe you are really not bothered and that’s fine.

Whilst it’s always good to have these wake up calls to spur us into action, you can make small changes before things get desperate…

– Drink more water
– cut out weekday drinking
– cut out biscuits every day
– go for a walk at lunchtime
– start having a greens drink every day etc

So if you are feeling bloated, lethargic and out of shape – stop moaning and start doing.

Here is a video I filmed last year of 5 of my top tips that cost nothing to do

If you want a little kickstart to get your post summer nutrition back on track then try our simple 7 day detox that involves no exercise but really works!
Just £7 for a week of tasty, filling meals http://zestbootcamp.co.uk/7-day-detox/

Have a great weekend – I’m off for a long coutryside walk (and hopefully avoiding the rain as had my hair done yesterday).

Zita “AA loving” Alves

ps The good news is that my van is fixed and back with me so I am very pleased. You don’t realise how much you value something until it’s gone so take charge of your health before it’s too late.

pps Our October bootcamp start on Mon 30th September so you have plenty of time to sign up and start getting your health and fitness back on track. http://zestbootcamp.co.uk

Sangria and bikini bottoms

I’ve just got back from a lovely holiday in Fuerteventura where I was able to work, rest and play.

For me getting up in the morning to go to the gym, outdoors for a walk or workout then going down to breakfast that someone else had prepared was heaven! Even better they then cleared it all away – perfect!

Infact the choices for breakfast in our hotel was amazing – here is a pic.


I did a few hours work on the computer most days but I also spent plenty of time relaxing by the pool, listening to music and just chilling. Everyone needs to just relax and unwind – even if you just book a facial or massage every month, it’s a vital part of staying healthy.

We walked into town for dinner rather than eating in the hotel and had some great tapas most nights – squid, tuna, chicken, special “canadian” style potatoes and loads more.

So with all the eating and lying around (plus a few sangrias now and then) it was important to keep up my exercise which is why I took my ZTrainer and Zband in my suitcase as they are lightweight and I wanted to be able to exercise when and where I wanted. I didn’t use them everyday, as we also walked a huge amount plus if the truth be know a couple of evenings when I had planned to exercise before getting ready to go out, I just laid in the warm sun for a bit longer 🙂

Some of you may not know that I created the 2trainer and Zband fitness products several years ago which you can find out more about here

If you’ve not yet been on your summer holiday but have an apartment, villa or hotel booked have you considered how you can turn it into an instant gym? We’ve done the work for you with this short workout that uses the Zband – there is a video below. You can ofcourse do this workout at home (in preparation for your holiday) by attaching to tree, post or even your staircase…

Attach the band to something solid about chest height for all exercises. For lunges band is around waist.
40 secs on 20 secs rest

1. 2 hand chest press (face away from anchor)
2. Forward lunge right leg (face away from anchor)
3. Forward lunge left leg (face away from anchor)
4. 2 hand Wide row (face anchor)
5. Side lunge right
6. Side lunge left
7. Russian twist right
8. Russian twist left
9. 2 hand Tricep extensions (face away from anchor)
10.Reverse Lunge (face anchor) right leg
11. Reverse Lunge (face anchor) left leg

repeat above sequence 1 or 2 more times

Optional finisher for better results:
TABATA High knee sprints – 20 secs work 10 secs rest x 8 rounds

Enjoy and let me know below how you get on!


ps If you want to look extra hot in your bikini then I suggest you check out Lean Greens which is loaded with nutrients to cleanse and nourish your body.

pps If you wear the right colour bikini you will be amazed at how much better you look. I had my “colours” done last year so I bought an emerald green bikini which I knew was a great colour for me and yes it really helped. Let’s face it – when all your are wearing is a bikini you want it to look the best it can! If you live in or around Bath then I recommend you see Jan Lockett to find out what colours will make you sparkle