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Never too old

“You are never going to be as young as you are right this minute”

How does that make you feel?

Worried, depressed, not bothered… whatever you think there actually isn’t much you can do about it right?

Kind of… you can either seize every moment you have and enjoy life as no matter what your age, none of us really know how long we will be around for so why not be the best we can be whilst we are here.

Or you can just moan but that’s a waste of energy in my opinion. Yes your joints may be a bit more creaky than when you were younger, and the thought of wearing high heels all night doesn’t appeal as much as it used to, but think of all the bonuses of having been around a few more years than some people. You have SO much more life knowledge and experience that gives you so much more confidence than many young people lack.

Today many people are remembering 9/11 but I am also remembering my school friend who lost her battle with cancer 4 years ago. I have been lucky enough to have those extra years she never had so often when things are getting on top of me I remember how lucky I am.

So today my message is just to be thankful for what you have and make the most of the present  moment and tomorrow – you can’t change the past but you can change the now. Perhaps you haven’t been putting enough time and energy into your health and fitness and maybe now is the time to stop making excuses and prioritise it. Here is one of our lovely Zest  Bootcamp members explaining why she joined us 2 years ago and has been coming ever since. (I caught her on video directly after a 6.30am boxing workout!)

Look after your health because no one else can do it for you. Here is one of my super healthy smoothy recipes that will instantly make you feel 10 years younger!


1/4 ripe avocado

Small or half large banana (can also add couple of strawberries if you prefer a sweeter smoothie)

1 cup of almond, rice or coconut milk (ideally unsweetened)

Heaped teaspoon of tahini (sesame seed paste) or almond or cashew butter

Large handful of watercress and/or spinach

Ice cubes and 1 cup or more of water to achieve preferred consistency.

And that’s it – blend it like Beckham!

(Add more banana and use spinach instead of watercress for a sweeter drink that kids will love.)

Have a great weekend – go do some lovely things that make you happy no matter what your age

Zita x

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My last few posts seem to have all been about food – mostly chocolate 🙂 so now it’s time for a change.

Gratitude …

When was the last time you felt grateful for something or someone?

Hopefully not too long ago – maybe even today already.

I finally started a gratitude jar to make a note of little things I am grateful for each day. Many people keep a gratitude journal and log some positive events that happened during the day before they go to bed. Another way to do it is each morning to state 2 or 3 things that your are grateful for. This can help set up your brain ready for a positive day. You may have seen on Twitter and Facebook the “100 happy days” challenge where people have been posting pictures of things that make them happy.

gratitude jar

Some days it can be hard to find the positivity we all love and benefit from, infact some weeks, months and even years can seem to bring nothing but “challenges” or you might call them problems.

It’s unlikely any of you reading this have not experienced illnesses, deaths, marriage break ups etc of close friends and family, even work colleagues but even during these low points you can still take a moment to notice all the nice things around us.

I’m currently working with someone who has terminal cancer, a brain tumour and the way it manifests physically is similar to symptoms of a stroke survivor (but a bit worse in terms of his speech). I was really saddened to hear how he was treated recently at an upmarket hotel – the staff thought he was drunk and refused him to go into the bar. Imagine how upsetting that was for his family who were with him. We need to be more accepting if people don’t fit the norm, they may be a reason they walk and talk funny.

It’s ok if you think the fact that putting on a few pounds is the end of the world but in reality it probably isn’t, so how about thinking of all the lovely things that make you smile or feel warm inside – they are out there we just need to see them.

It might be the:

Colourful spring flowers

The sea

The pretty pattern on top of a flat white at a coffee shop

The smell of fresh bread baking

The smile from a stranger

A hug from a friend

A car letting you out at a busy junction

Hearing a busker playing some beautiful music

Coming home to someone special after a tough day

An unexpected card saying thank you for something

A beautiful sunrise

The list really is endless…..

The gratitude log, journal or jar can help us take our thoughts to more uplifting experiences.

Did you know the brain is programmed to remember negative things easier than positive ones – this is what helps us realise that when we step out into the road and almost get hit by a car that next time we should look both ways first. It is our self preservation toolkit…. but doesn’t help our mood somedays when all we seem to do is negative brain chatter.

So my challenge to you over the nest few weeks is a daily gratitude log or jar – whatever works for you.

I’m grateful that the Blood Service can accept my blood ( as many people are unable to donate who want to) so a few times a year I give about 45 minutes of my time (the actual donation takes about 10 mins) to donate blood. In fact this week was my 23rd pint! Why not give it a go as you can book an appointment plus there is free tea and biscuits so what’s not to like! You can find out more or book up at a local venue here

ps I am VERY grateful for the fact my body works and allows me to get out and exercise – what is your excuse for not exercising?

168 hours

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