Immunity boosting tips

I’m not sure about you but now the weather in the UK has changed ( more flips, the boots are out)…. I can guarantee I will be wearing socks in bed – yes, glamorous eh! I can’t sleep if my feet are cold – surely I’m not the only one?

It seems that several people have started to get colds so I thought I’d share my immunity boosting tips to help you get through the winter as best you can:

1. Get more sleep – I think we all know that lack of sleep reduces your immunity.

2. Eat less sugar – you may not realise that sugar can actually suppress your immune system.

3. Get your body moving – a moderate amount of regular exercise will improve immunity, overtraining actually won’t so you need your rest and recovery days.

4. Get outdoors – even when it is dark and cold you will be better to get some fresh air rather than being surrounded by people coughing and sneezing.

5. Eat a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables every day and as extra “health Insurance” I recommend a daily greens drink to boost your ability to fight the bugs (as well as other benefits)

6. Reduce stress – yes this can also depress your immune system

7. Vitamin D supplements can also boost our ability to fight flu and colds, and in the winter we severely lack this in the Northern Hemisphere.

So there you go, although I can’t promise you won’t catch a cold, you will be a lot less likely to get ill this winter if you can do all these.

Zita “love my bed socks” Alves

green zinger

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